In one sense WorkflowMax is ready to use the moment you login to the application.

The first problem users have is that it is not configured for their industry and the specific out comes their business requires.

The second problem is that even when WorkflowMax is configured correctly unless there is a process defined on how to use WorkflowMax the output is inconsistent – poor reporting, inaccurate invoicing.

Users who have attempted to implement WorkflowMax without assistance frequently express the following:

  • The implementation process took too long
  • We’ve implemented WorkflowMax but it’s too hard to use
  • We’ve implemented WorkflowMax but it’s not generating the reporting we’re looking for
  • Staff are reluctant to use WorkflowMax for timesheeting
  • Staff are allocating time to the wrong projects
  • We can see that WorkflowMax should be able to help or business but there are too many options

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions it’s probably because the fundamentals haven’t been setup correctly.

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