WorkflowMax is a sophisticated job management application that can be implemented in a range of ways to suit different industries and specific end user requirements.

There are two aspects that need to consider carefully:

  • How Workflowmax is setup – in other words, how Workflowmax reacts to user requirements, and
  • The client process used to achieve repeatable results and meaningful outcomes

Implemented correctly WorkflowMax is an easy to use management tool that provides powerful insights into the performance of individual jobs.

Implemented incorrectly WorkflowMax is like an anchor, something holding the business back and costing money.

From an implementation perspective “the devil is in the detail”.  Small procedural elements have a significant impact on job reporting. Many WorkflowMax users do not fully understand the difference between progress invoice and final invoice.  Used incorrectly leads to the production of incomplete management reports and the risk of incorrect invoicing.

You will most likely fit into one of the following categories:

  • Considering the purchase of WorkflowMax and considering whether to implement yourself or enlist the support of a third party
  • Have recently purchased WorkflowMax already and have attempted to implement with limited success
  • Have implemented WorkflowMax with some degree of success but suspect that it can be “fine tuned”

The Bottom Line

WorkflowMax can be implemented without the assistance of a third party setup partner such as Red Arrow Consulting but there is a cost (in both time and money) and there is a risk (not being successfully implemented)

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