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Red Arrow Consulting helps businesses to improve performance by streamlining systems and processes

About Red Arrow Consulting.

Red Arrow Consulting is a business consulting company in Sydney that works with owners at both the strategic, or business planning, level and at the operational level, which includes assisting with implementation. We work exclusively with an organisation in a partnership with the business owner to help them achieve the long-term results they desire, and we bring more than 35 years of industry knowledge to the table.

Because we work so closely on both levels of the business, it’s not unusual to see our staff involved in a wide range of activities. A few of these activities include but are not limited to management meetings with key staff members and negotiation with the business’s banks and suppliers.

Adding value to your business.

We work with service-based businesses, including:

  • Architects
  • Building and Construction
  • Creative Agencies
  • Engineers and Surveyors
  • IT Services
  • Lawyers


Businesses we help typically have a strong skill base (professional or trade) which has allowed the owners to grow the business to its current size, but the business is now encountering one or more of the following problems:

  • Business growth has slowed or it’s not to the point that the owner thinks it should be, but they’re not sure what is holding things back
  • Business is not producing the financial return that it should produce, and this could potentially be affecting the owner’s lifestyle, ability to fund growth or the owner’s health due to having to work longer hours

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Why Choose Us?

Red Arrow Constants brings in-depth knowledge to each business we work with. We believe in doing things differently to help business owners get the results they desire. This means that we challenge the business owners to think in terms of long-term goals rather than an immediate payoff.

This is where our integration team, four-stage process, and systems all combine to give business owners the powerful tools that they need to achieve their goals. Our end goal is to improve the visibility and efficiency across the entire business organisation. We do this by implementing financial project management tools like WorkflowMax and offering general business consulting to get the business back on track for healthy and profitable growth.


Certified System Integration Experts.

Red Arrow Consulting is a WorkflowMax Certified Integrator that offers business owners we work with the choice of three specialised service offerings. These offerings allow them to tailor the financial project management software to suit their business’s unique circumstances and needs. We also offer support throughout the process to give the business owner all of the tools and resources that they need to attract a stable base of customers to grow their business from.

WorkflowMax helps streamline businesses because it is an all-in-one job management application. It allows the business owner to form natural connections between jobs, quotes, timesheets, invoicing and job costings. The built-in reporting module allows these business owners to get an in-depth understanding of how every project performs and why it’s performing like it is.


Smooth, Seamless & Successful.

Our job at Red Arrow Consulting is to introduce this financial project management tool to ensure that the integration and systemisation process is as smooth and as seamless as it possibly can be. We want to see the businesses that we work with succeed and thrive.

We are the business consulting company in Sydney that local businesses have turned to again and again. We want to continue helping more businesses achieve and surpass any short or long-term goals that they may have.

We want to work on your business from the inside out to ensure that everyone is performing at their best so the business continues to grow. Contact us today and let Red Arrow Consulting help your business thrive.

Experienced and Proven

Our staff offer their in-depth knowledge to each business project.

Achieve Serious

Formalise and streamlime various operations, processes and systems

Certified Integration

Integration that suit the business’s unique circumstances and needs.

Innovative Business

Helping business owners get the results they desire.

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