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Business Transformation – Why Use a Business Consultant

Uncertainty is a significant threat to every business. Whenever we try to reduce uncertainty, we often end up with more information than we can process and can become paralysed by indecision – especially in the Information Age. An integrated project management system can prevent information overload and help us make more informed decisions instead of guessing in the face of uncertainty.

When experience matters most

You could research and implement an integrated project management system on your own but hiring an experienced business consultant can certainly streamline the process. A business consultant can identify operational needs early in the process so that you can plan for them before implementation, rather than during it. They can also recommend which components will be most useful to you, and which you might not need right now so that you can scale up as needed.

A business consultant can identify operational needs early in the process so that you can plan for them before implementation, rather than during it.

Preparing your staff for change

Preparing your staff is especially important. Every employee will need to be trained in one aspect of the new software, which can be extremely demanding. A business consultant has already been involved in training and knows how to structure the learning sessions by department.

The search for the right partner

Finding the right partner when investing in a new approach to project management can be an enormous advantage. They can listen, understand your vision, and help you realise that vision. At Red Arrow, we specialise in creating a customised framework that improves business performance, allows organisations to grow organically, and provide real-time visibility into mission-critical mechanisms.

Discover opportunities

The WorkflowMax all-in-one system, coupled with our methodology and framework, can help you gain invaluable insights into your business, projects, and workforce in real-time. This software can help boost business performance, improve organisational efficiency, and discover opportunities. And the results depend more on how well you perform smart and efficient processes, not the amount of time and money you spend. Measuring and reviewing the business’s performance is a pivotal piece in achieving your goals. It goes hand in hand with improving the results at both the operational and strategic levels.

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A business consultant can identify operational needs early in the process so that you can plan for them before implementation, rather than during it.

Better business performance

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we can help you find and stay on the right path. We’ll guide you through our four-stage process to help lay the groundwork for a robust business model that will ensure your business grows sustainably.

Stage One – The Pre-Engagement Audit

We start by asking two simple questions: “Can we help?” and “Are we a good fit?” If the answer to both is “yes,” we’ll perform a business diagnostic to understand the current state of your business, where you want to take it, and how to accomplish that. Best of all, this stage is complimentary and does not require any commitment.

Stage Two – Strategic Planning

Our business consultants help you formulate a personal vision, business vision, mission statement, business strategy, and culture statement. This step helps divide the entire project into manageable objectives that let both you and the team at Red Arrow concentrate on each one at a time.

Stage Three – Operational Planning

At this stage, we dive into your day-to-day operations to gain an in-depth understanding. After which, we create a plan for products and services, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, and systems and procedures.

Stage Four – Implementation and Ongoing Support

Finally, we put everything into motion according to all the planning. This stage is all about working the plan and ensuring that everyone is accountable for delivering on the desired outcome.

So, why choose us to help you make better decisions in the Information Age? We have over 35 years of experience in financial project management and business consulting. Red Arrow Consulting is a business consulting company, based in Sydney, that works exclusively with an organisation as a partner to help you achieve your vision of success.

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