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Fieldinsight Implementation Sydney

Fieldinsight is a field service management application specifically designed for the HVAC and mechanical services industries but with application in a wide range of other service-based industries.

Like all good fields service management applications, it improves business performance by automating many processes including:

  • Quoting
  • Job Creation
  • Ordering
  • Scheduling of resources (staff and assets)
  • Invoicing

Fieldinsight provides additional features for HVAC and Mechanical services applications

  • Safety compliance Module
    • Produce complex safety documents with PPE, Risk Matrix’s with images and checklists
    • SWMS documents:
      • accessible and editable by Fieldinsight staff
      • selected, signed and emailed from the field
  • Asset Management
      • Preventative maintenance workflow
      • Asset test reporting for clients

But Fieldinsight is also a Job Management application which means that it provides feedback on job performance:

  • Profit reporting by project
  • Compare actual costs vs estimated costs (for fixed fee projects)
  • Understand the performance of staff and/or teams
Fieldinsight Implementation Sydney

Fieldinsight is a field service management application specifically designed for the HVAC and mechanical services industries but with application in a wide range of other service-based industries.

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When set up correctly Fieldinsight will reduce administration time and speed up processing times (improved customer service).  Red Arrow Consulting assists businesses with Fieldinsight implementations.

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If business requirements and processes have been defined the process of implementing a field service application such as Fieldinsight is fairly straight forward.  However, most businesses have not defined

Fieldinsight Training Sydney

Staff training is imperative for the successful implementation of a field service or job management application such as Fieldinsight.  Training requirements will vary considerably depending on size, structure

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Red Arrow Consulting provides both implementation and post implementation support for Fieldinsight.  Our standard implementation package includes 45 days of Fieldinsight support from the “go-live” date.

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Red Arrow Consulting has experience and expertise in Field Service Management Applications.  It provides consulting services to assist businesses improve productivity and financial results through the effective

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