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Financial Project Management – FAQ
What is Financial Project Management (FPM)

Also referred to as Job Management, Financial Project Management is the ability to track actual job/projects costs against estimated costs and actual revenue against quoted fee.

What Benefits does Financial Project Management Offer

Ultimately management want to know the profitability of a ob/project compared with estimated profit. By reviewing performance management can make decisions about performance of staff and subcontractors. Management can also determine whether certain lines of work should be pursued.

How Should a Business Track Job or Project Profitability

Historically businesses have attempted to use spreadsheets and/or accounting packages with mixed results. There are a number of online apps and WorkflowMax is a strong contender

What are the advantages of Using an On-line FPM App such as WorkflowMax

In one word – integration.
Quotes integrate with jobs; jobs integrate with time sheets; costs and invoicing; invoicing integrates with Xero