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Unlocking business potential through strategic systemisation and job management excellence

Strategic Systemisation: Unlocking Business Potential

At Red Arrow Consulting, we recognise the critical role systemisation plays in the success or failure of any business. Red Arrow Consulting offer a distinctive blend of business-centric strategies and technical expertise, with an approach that is rooted in understanding your business needs, prioritising problem resolution, and tailoring solutions to address specific challenges.

With a wealth of industry experience, a streamlined implementation process, and a comprehensive support system, Red Arrow ensures that your journey towards job management success is both efficient and effective. Let us be the catalyst for your business’s growth and operational excellence.

Our clients are typically:

and enjoy streamlined and automated systems for:

Time Tracking0%
Job Management0%
Insights and Reporting0%

Their main concerns are usually:

Our clients typically seek our assistance when they encounter challenges in simplifying their intricate day-to-day operations and managing substantial changes. They look for effective solutions to streamline and enhance the efficiency of their processes. During significant changes, such as adopting new technologies or updating work methods, our clients specifically seek expert guidance to navigate these transitions successfully. Trusting in our expertise, our clients aim to simplify their operations and approach changes with confidence.

Our Solution

For business owners, getting results and efficiency in the organisation are key. It's especially crucial when making decisions on the fly without all the right info. The first, and most critical, step is picking the right team to help you get where you need to be. Bringing in a job management system like WorkflowMax is that vital second step to amp up visibility and efficiency across your outfit.

At Red Arrow consulting, our process ensures that we take a “business first” approach to your business and not just offering a “technology first” solution. Our implementation process first has to have a business requirement, defining the root cause of the issue or inefficiency within the business process, which the technology solution solves. Not the other way around

Without the right processes in place implementations can become complex. Red Arrow can simplify the process and guide you towards the quickest path to your businesses’ success. Included within our standard pricing package, is our comprehensive support system for business owners and their people. It’s critical to have the right team supporting you as your organisation goes through important changes.

the tools we use

Depending on your business, we use one or more of the following tools to help achieve your goals.

With you every step of the way

WorkflowMax is a cost effective Job Management application that incorporates estimating/quoting, project management (timesheeting and costs) and invoicing with a powerful reporting module. The job profit reporting is simple but powerful and, if use correctly, is the key to improved profitability. It’s flexibility makes it easily adaptable to a wide range of businesses.

Ideally Suited for

This application works well in a variety of industries but does particularly well in time-based industries. Very strong in job profit reporting.

Why WorkflowMax?

While it does seamlessly connect and encourage pathways between jobs and your software, it also performs other important features. When using WorkflowMax, teams are able to manage their business from anywhere. Whether they’re on a remote job site, in a meeting with a client or on holiday, it lets them seamlessly connect with their staff or subcontractors. They can also track their job from the start to the finish. This includes coordinating with staff, council, clients, engineers, subcontractors and fabricators. Finally, knowing what types of projects earn a business the most profits and which projects the business is undercharging for is critical to determining what types of projects that the business wants to take on in the future to encourage growth and expansion.

A Solution with extended functionality

Projectworks is a cloud-based business management platform designed to help professional & creative services businesses better manage their organisations. It offers functions designed for project, financial, and workforce management.

Projectworks core features include resourcing, forecasting, invoicing, timesheets, leave, expenses, project management, budget burn and reporting

Ideally Suited for

This application works well in a variety of industries but does particularly well in time-based industries. Very strong in job profit reporting.

Why Project Works?

Project Works will provide your firm with the following benefits:

1. Simple rates management, with the function to assign and edit customisable rates by project.

2. Improved timesheeting, with easy and intuitive timesheets, and a stop-start timer.

3. Forward-looking insights, through projected burn and projected margin reporting.

4. Prevent bench time or overwork, through capacity and personalised target utilisation rates.

5. Easy invoicing that can be customised to fit your firm's unique guidelines.

6. Eliminate manual data handling, with an all-in-one solution for consultancies.

Job management in tough industries

WorkGuru was built to make costing any job easy, and ensure that you're able to stay on top of margins, and keep your jobs profitable. WorkGuru is the only place you need for your project and inventory management. With an enormous array of features, but an interface that keeps it simple, you can stay on top of your work in real time, no matter where you are. With support for timesheets, stock control, purchasing, quoting and invoicing, WorkGuru has it all. WorkGuru has mobile apps, and workshop kiosk app available for both iOS and Android

Ideally Suited for

This application works well in a variety of industries but does particularly where jobs are billed based on time and materials (fixed price or do and charge) and is a "no-brainer" for users requiring stock functionality.

Why Work Guru?

For light industrial applications Workguru offers dedicated functionality that improves productivity. In addition to all the features you would expect from a job management application WorkGuru has a stock management module which really differentiates it from other applications and makes it a str performer in the light industrial market.

More control - more visibility - save time

WorkflowMax is a cost effective Job Management application that incorporates estimating/quoting, project management (timesheeting and costs) and invoicing with a powerful reporting module. The job profit reporting is simple but powerful and, if use correctly, is the key to improved profitability. It’s flexibility makes it easily adaptable to a wide range of businesses.

Ideally Suited for

Why Tidy?

Tidy provide powerful, delightfully simple cloud software to a vast range of customers located worldwide across a range of industries that need to cost-up, control and deliver projects or manage stock.

1. Increase efficiency by streamlining business processes
2. Take real-time control of business, anytime, anywhere
3. Gain insights of your business performance with powerful standard and customised reporting
4. Be flexible
5. Upscale or downsize as your business needs change
6. Be secure with cloud-based data backups

Smart job magement for tradies and services

Simplify and streamline your operations Take control and work smarter from the client’s first call through to scheduling, quoting, job completion, invoicing and payment.

Ideally Suited for

Why Service M8?

A comprhensive suite of features that includes:

  • Manage jobs & staff
  • quote & invoice on site
  • Capture signature
  • Record notes, photos & videaos
  • Compelte pdf forms
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Sync with your accounting plaforms


Filed Insights is Designed for businesses with field service staff this application incorporates the standard functions of job management (estimating/quoting. project management and invoicing) with Field service management.

An ideal choice for:

Additional modules: Asset management & Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Why Field Insights:

FiedlInsights is a job management application speccifically designe for busiensses with field serive staff and it's a market leader. It has all the features you would expect from a job mangemet application with additional features including:

field insight implementations

Fieldinsight is a field service management application specifically designed for the HVAC and mechanical services industries but with application in a wide range of other service-based industries.

Like all good fields service management applications, it improves business performance by automating many processes including:

  • Quoting
  • Job Creation
  • Ordering
  • Scheduling of resources (staff and assets)
  • Invoicing

Fieldinsight provides additional features for HVAC and Mechanical services applications

  • Safety compliance Module
    • Produce complex safety documents with PPE, Risk Matrix’s with images and checklists
    • SWMS documents:
      • accessible and editable by Fieldinsight staff
      • selected, signed and emailed from the field
  • Asset Management
      • Preventative maintenance workflow
      • Asset test reporting for clients

But Fieldinsight is also a Job Management application which means that it provides feedback on job performance:

  • Profit reporting by project
  • Compare actual costs vs estimated costs (for fixed fee projects)
  • Understand the performance of staff and/or teams

When set up correctly Fieldinsight will reduce administration time and speed up processing times (improved customer service).  Red Arrow Consulting assists businesses with the Fieldinsight implementations so that the application is productive from day – the “go-live” date.  By using our resources and experience you avoid the costly mistakes businesses often make when implementing a Field Service application such as Fieldinsight.  Like all good fields service applications Fieldinsight can be set up in many different ways to suit different requirements.  It’s our job to identify business requirements and customise Fieldinsight so that it works for you.

Our implementation process goes through the following steps:

Pre implementation

Business requirements

      • review business objectives and requirements with management
    • Demonstration and scoping
      • The demonstration is based on 1.1 above It provides both parties with an opportunity to clarify requirements and review solution being proposed to ensure it meets the requirements specified.
    • Fee Proposal
      • based on 1.1 and 1.2 above


    • Fieldinsight Setup Sydney
      • Initial setup – this is based on 1.0 above along with additional information provided by you
      • Initial Workshop – at this stage we review the various workflows with management
      • Fine tune setup – changes are made based on your input
    • Implementation
      • Integration with accounting module
      • Staff setup
      • Customisation
      • Staff Training

Post Implementation

    • General support
    • Customisation

If business requirements and processes have been defined the process of implementing a field service application such as Fieldinsight is fairly straight forward.  However, most businesses have not defined their requirements and this is where a Fieldinsight Consultant can add significant value to the implementation process.


From a practical perspective defining required processes for the new solution is an opportunity to review business process with a view to changing and improving – sometimes call Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).


At Red Arrow Consulting we will review your current process and advise the best way of incorporating them in to the new solution.  Just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” does not mean that’s the best way moving forward.  In many situations the old process will be highly inefficient when operating the businesses on a modern web-based platform such as Fieldinsight.


With extensive experience working with business applications Red Arrow Consulting, a Fieldinsight consultant based in Sydney, can help businesses optimise the implementation of Fieldinsight from day one and avoid the costly exercise of trial and error.

Staff training is imperative for the successful implementation of a field service or job management application such as Fieldinsight.  Fieldinsight Training requirements will vary considerably depending on size, structure skills and competencies of staff.  Fieldinsight training will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your staff.


Where possible we advocate that the training provided by Red Arrow Consulting should be at the “train the trainer” level.  This has a number of benefits:


  1. Increased staff engagement- staff take ownership if they are responsible for delivering staff training
  2. Implementation costs are reduced – your Fieldinsight Training staff are trained to deliver “standard’ training
  3. Ongoing costs are reduced as new staff are employed.

Fieldinsight Implementation Support

Red Arrow Consulting provides both implementation and post implementation support for Fieldinsight.  Our standard implementation package includes 45 days of Fieldinsight support from the “go-live” date.  This provides user will ample opportunity to test and validate the solution and iron out any problems.  Most implementations (>90%) do not require additional implementation support and this is a reflection of the implementation and training provided by Red Arrow Consulting.  Post implementation support is available to all customers and is charged on an hourly rate.

Fieldinsight Post Implementation Support

Fieldinsight support is also available post implementation and takes a variety of forms including training, systems review, template design and much more

Red Arrow Consulting has experience and expertise in Field Service Management Applications.  It provides consulting services to assist businesses improve productivity and financial results through the effective use of Job Management and Field Service Management applications.

These applications can, if implemented correctly, highlight areas of improvement.  On the other hand, if implemented poorly, they can be a burden on the business.  It is essential that a periodic review of the implementation is undertaken to identify issues and modification to the setup being made where required.


While applications such as Fieldinsight can automate many business processes, the real gold is in job or project reporting.  This is where users get to really understand how jobs and projects are performing.  It is our view that every job should be reviewed but, not all jobs are equal.  A major job that is significantly over budget will take precedence over a smaller job on budget – users should identify projects that are bleeding money and concentrate on them.  Often the “problems” impacting these jobs will be the same “problems” impacting other jobs.  Fixing the issue in one job has a ripple effect on other jobs.

our modus operandi

  • Business Centric approach

    Prioritising your business needs over technology ensures a tailored solution.

  • Problem Resolution Focus

    Identifying and addressing the root causes of inefficiencies within your processes.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Customising technology solutions to precisely fit and resolve your business challenges.

  • Industry Experience

    Benefit from a team with a rich background in both business and technology.

  • Streamlined Implementation

    Benefit from a team with a rich background in both business and technology.

  • Comprehensive Support System

    Our standard pricing package includes robust support for you and your team during crucial organisational changes.

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