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Case Study: Business Planning

Plan for growth: 
Identifying what’s stopping you.


Owner of business providing IT support with 4 technical staff was struggling to grow the business. Red Arrow was brought in to assist with identifying the issues holding the business back.

Case Study Details


The approach taken by Red Arrow Consulting was to develop:

  • Personal Plan – what the business had to deliver to the owner
  • Strategic Business Plan – what the business needed to achieve in order to deliver the personal plan.
  • Action Plan – the specific actions required to achieve the Strategic Plan


Our Solution

Red arrow consulting met with the client fortnightly for 3 months to assist in the development of the plan detailed above. During this period, we were able to highlight the issues that were holding the business back and opportunities for expansion. These included:

  • Poor reporting structure and poor delegation of responsibility. This resulted in tasks being allocated to staff and little in the way of responsibility
  • Poor systems and processes resulting in task being not being completed correctly and significant owner supervision


The Result

By addressing the issues detailed above the owner was able to:

  • Make staff more responsible for their actions resulting in less hands on supervision by owner. Staff members became more proactive towards their roles.
  • Increase productivity as staff were able to complete tasks based on a clearly defined process





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