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Case Study: Reporting & Analysis

Improvement through Analysis: 
What does the data say about your business?


A medium sized consulting practice had been using WorkflowMax for some time for quoting, time sheeting and invoicing but had not used the reporting process. They engaged Red Arrow Consulting to review current processes and outputs with a view to improving the performance of the practice.

Case Study Details


Red Arrow Consulting reviewed current processes to determine how they could be modified to allow for the development of a continuous improvement business culture.


Our Solution

Recommendations were made to make minor changes to the way WorkflowMax was being used. This included a recommendation to split larger projects into multiple WorkflowMax jobs allowing for more detailed data collection without making the jobs unduly complicated.


The Result

Once implemented the client was able to see major issues in many jobs that had not previously been highlighted. In one case the client elected to split a 1000 hour construction documentation phase over 10 task. While the project actually came in on budget one of the tasks that had an estimated time of 110 hours actually took 175 hours. The client was then able to review this task to identify whether the cost overrun was due to:

  • Poor estimating
  • Poor Supervision
  • Poor scheduling (staff being moved form job to job)
  • Poor staff performance
    • Incorrect skill set
    • Problem employee


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