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Trade services had invested heavily in technology 5 or 6 years ago and had assumed that it was still state of the art but concerned that concerned about productivity.

Our Approach

Red Arrow undertook a needs analysis of the business and compared this with the capabilities of various applications being used in the business. Further analysis was undertaken to determine productivity improvements by upgrading systems.


Red Arrow Consulting identified that a significant investment would be required in current applications to meet the business needs as determined by the needs analysis. A recommendation was made to completely overhaul the current systems which were poorly integrated. The solution recommended was a migration of their server-based accounting system to Xero, a cloud based accounting application, and WorkflowMax, a job management application for the delivery team. One advantage of this solution is that it provides a clear demarcation between the delivery application, WorkflowMax, and the accounting application, Xero.


The client experienced a significant improvement in productivity at all levels in the organisation. The solution implemented provided faster response times and less down time. It also allowed for client customisation which the original systems did not do.

The client was then able to review this task to identify whether the cost overrun was due to:
1. Poor estimating
2. Poor Supervision
3. Poor scheduling (staff being moved form job to job)
4. Poor staff performance
5. Incorrect skill set
6. Problem employee

Consulting, Financial Analysis, Strategy, Workflow Max, Xero

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