Business Advisory and Financial Project Management Consultancy

Typical concerns we address at Red Arrow

The first right step to a more profitable business.

Looking at job profit the first and most basic step for any practices
is to determine whether projects are being delivered on budget.
It is critical that the practice is able to monitor the following for each and every job/project:

Typically, the concerns that we address are:

What’s involved in your FREE 30-minute consultation?

What’s involved in your FREE 30-minute consultation?

What’s involved in your FREE 30-minute consultation?

Discover How we help you implement a profitable project workflow system so you can gain better visibility over the financial health of your projects…
before it’s too late.

The average cost overrun of all projects is 27%

A study published in the Harvard Business Review, which analyzed 1,471 IT projects, found that all but one in six projects had a cost overrun of 200% on average and a schedule overrun of almost 70%.

Nobody likes to slaughter a budget. The project manager doesn’t like it. The company’s executives and shareholders don’t like it. But from the looks of it, you may be spending an average of a quarter more than you intend to on your current projects.

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What’s involved in your FREE 30-minute consultation?

What this is NOT

This 30-minute consultation is not a demo or aggressive sales pitch with a “limited time offer” which leaves you making a decision that you may regret.


What this IS

This is an opportunity for you to pick the brain of an experienced Senior Consultant. Someone with the knowledge and expertise gained from real-world implementations in your industry. Oh yes.. and our consultants are also Certified & Preferred Integration Partners with WorkflowMax.


We offer this 30-minute session to allow you to ask questions that are important to you. Questions such as:

  • Is this solution actually going to provide real benefit for my organisation?
  • Based on my pain points, will this solution solve my problems?
  • How quick can you implement this for us?
  • How long have you been doing this sort of stuff?
  • I’m going skiing in New Zealand in 6 weeks time. Can you get the work done by then?


It also allows our Senior consultant to clarify some of the following:

  • What are the real pain points?
  • What are the sizes/budgets of the projects you manage?
  • Are there any basic workflows already established currently?
  • Plus any issues that may crop up based on your questions.
  • The REAL pain points (Those that you pay someone to tell you, the ones you been avoiding or haven’t had time to look into. The ones that you need someone to help take them off your plate and successfully deliver a solution for you and your organisation.)


The next steps

From attending our 30-minute assessment, our Senior Consultants let you know if we can offer a solution that provides value to your business. In some instances, our offering may not be suitable for your business. At that point, we can help point you towards the next right step towards finding a solution for your business. Even if it’s not with us.

If what we offer is a solution that may be of benefit, we then can organise to catch-up again and this time, take you through a relevant demonstration of the product with workflows based on your industry – so you can see first hand how valuable our offering can be.


It’s 30-minutes to check if you’re on the right track or not.

Today, you can take the first step towards a more profitable project workflow and job management solution, that can help grow your organisation, hire more and better staff, make positive decisions and attract bigger, better customers.

Or you can continue to experience constant projects that overrun, staff that are overworked, underappreciated and customers that are dissatisfied with work being delayed and costing more than promised.

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Experiencing some of these issues with your current projects?

You may have these current roadblocks within your business:

  • Poor financial performance of the business and you’re unable to identify why (specifically)
  • Unable to identify the profitability of individual jobs/projects
  • No systemised way of handling timesheets
  • Invoice generation is slow and prone to error (human)
  • Unable to report on the performance of each project because
    • there are no systems in place
    • there are no estimate of time and/or cost
    • the estimates are not linked to quote and/or job or invoicing so it’s difficult to generate performance reports.

View projects and their status in one place.

The Job Management Console

Review all projects in one place:

  • Planned
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Overdue

and view progress of actual time (used as a percentage of estimated time.)

A summarised view of all your projects and their profitability.

This can be automatically produced showing:

  • Estimated costs
  • Quoted price
  • Actual cost
  • Billable amount (what you should have charged based on actuals)
  • Invoiced amount
  • Profit (Invoiced minus Actual cost)

and lots more.

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Still need more information?

Here’s some additional information on how we can help you become aware of and retain more profit from your projects.