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WorkflowMax Quotes with Dynamic Images

WorkflowMax Quotes with Dynamic Images

WorkflowMax and Print Templates

WorkflowMax is a powerful Job Management application that allows users to:

  • track the profitability of jobs
  • compare actual labour and material costs against estimated costs.

WorkflowMax can be customised to meet the specific needs of many industries and user groups.  An important tool provided by WorkflowMax to extend this capability is the print template function.  This function is critical for customising output documents such as quotes, invoices and Purchase orders and gives the user considerable control over the look and feel of these documents.

But the WorkflowMax print template function can go much further and can extend the capability of the application.  This does require using “smart” word files.  These are docx files containing additional code to achieve specific functionality.

Quote Requirement for Interior Designers
(and other users)

One of the challenges facing many Interior Designers and other users wishing to output catalogue style pricing is that WorkflowMax does not have the ability to store dynamic images.  This can however be resolved as illustrated above.


The process we have developed requires the use of:

  1. Dropbox to store Images
  2. WorkflowMax print template that has been customised to achieve the above result


The initial setup requires:

  1. the user to load the required images onto Dropbox
  2. the WorkflowMax cost item to be updated with the location of the image on Dropbox.
  3. the upload of a customised “smart” template

Once the setup has been completed the user simply has to setup an appropriate quote and output using the templates supplied.


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